Three former presidents of the United States are excited at the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the country.

The past leaders; Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, were part of the inauguration ceremony in Washington DC on Wednesday.

The three past leaders spoke after the ceremony with Obama praising the system that has made his former vice the new president and also, Kamala Harris, the first woman vice president of the country.
“I think inaugurations signal a tradition of transfer of power that is over two centuries old”, Obama said.

His predecessor, Republican president George Bush, said, “I think the fact that  three of us are standing here speaking about successful transfer of power speaks to the institutional integrity of our country.”

“This is an unusual time. We are both trying to come back to normalcy, deal with totally abnormal challenges and do what we do best which is try to make more profit union, that’s exciting time”, former president Clinton said.

The leaders preached love and unity in a nation left broken by years of divisive politics of immediate past leader Donald Trump who refused to attend Wednesday’s inauguration. Trump falsely claimed the election of Joe Biden last November was rigged to favour the Democrat.

His loyalists insurrectionists invaded the Capitol in a never-seen-before attack on the symbol of America’s democracy two weeks ago when the Congress was sitting to ratify the election. They desecrated the building and confronted law enforcement officers. Five people including a police officer were killed.

Biden’s adminstration is expected to hit the ground running in uniting the racially divided democracy and the new president has promised to be a leader for all Americans.

The former presidents are rallying the support of Americans for Biden to succeed in his mission of governance.

“We have more in common than what separates us”, Obabma said.

“I think if Americans would love their neighbours like they will like to be loved themselves, a lot of the division in our society will end”, Bush said.

“It’s a new beginning and everybody needs to get off our horse and reach out to their friends and neighbours and try to make it possible”, Clinton said as the leaders also pledged support for Biden.

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